• Penguin Design Award 2012

    A book cover for One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, in response to a brief set by Penguin Books in 2012.

    The title on the front cover is hand rendered, drawn in charcoal - this is to depict immediacy, but reflects Chief Bromden’s insanity. It shows varying pressure depending on how much charcoal has broken away on each letter.

    The dog image creates a sense of intrigue, as it cannot easily be seen. This will be embossed when produced as a cover. This involves Bromden’s journey - his hallucinations and regaining his sense of self after sighting the dog.

    The back cover illustration links to the front cover. After sighting the dog, Bromden regains his sense of self. The authority figures are challenged and patients begin to leave, while Bromden escapes. The empty chairs signify this escapism, with the slightly different coloured chair representing Bromden.